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The PADI Full Face Mask Diver Course

Are you ready for a fun and different diving experience? Try the Full Face Mask Diver course, a PADI Distinctive Specialty. Here at Atlantis we even include the use of one of our modern full face masks.

The Fun Part

Pulling the full face mask on for the first time is very exciting and a new experience to even seasoned divers. Now you can breath through your mouth or nose or both. No more splashes of cold water in your face on those chillier dives. Add communication and you can even carry on a conversation together while diving. For those that enjoy the silence, you can dive one without communication installed.

What You Learn

This course has a shallow 'beginning' dive in chest deep water. Here you will learn the basics of the mask and breathing in it underwater for the first time. Once you complete the skills there you will descend for dive number one including some more skills along the way. Dive two includes some skills while on another real dive. Swim around and get used to breathing through the mask, equalization and buoyancy.

You learn:

  • Different mask types and configurations
  • Mask adjustment and fitting
  • Equalization technics and tips
  • Proper donning of a mask
  • Mask removal while underwater and breathing from alternate air source
  • Mask replacement underwater
  • Swimming, breathing and equalizing while wearing mask
  • Mask removal with alternate air source ascent
  • Air depletion exercise

To purchase learning materials and equipment, contact an Atlantis crew member at the store.

Your Next Adventure

So now that you know how to properly use and dive a full face mask, the PADI Drysuit course can complete the fully dry experience. The PADI Ice Diver course is another great course where a full face mask really feels nice.

For more information about this or other PADI courses have a chat with your Atlantis Aquatics crew member.

Course Tuition:  $220.00

Includes rental of Full Face Mask
    (eLearning is not currently available for this course)