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Whether you need full service, repair or just an adjustment on your equipment, we are here to help.


REGULATORS Assembly Only $30.00
  Annual 1st/2nd Stage $58.00
  Annual Octopus $28.00
  Annual BCD Octopus $36.00
  Annual 1st Stage Only $45.00
  Rush Fee (7 day turnaround) $45.00
  O2 Cleaning per Stage (when being serviced) $10.00
BCD's Cleaning & Inspection $32.00
CYLINDERS VIP/AirFill  $22.95
  Hydro/AirFill $59.95 
  Hydro/VIP/AirFill $59.95
  Doubles Disassemble/Assembly $45.00
  Tank Rolling $39.00
  Valve Overhaul $39.00
COMPUTERS AND WATCHES Battery replacement $18.00 (plus battery)
DRYSUIT REPAIRS Leak test $59.00
  Leak repairs $40.00 (minor)
$75.00 (major)
  Wrist seals (both) $75.00 (plus seals)
  Wrist neoprene to latex $100.00 (plus seals)
  Neck seal $75.00 (plus seals)
  Boots/Socks $100.00 (plus seals)
  Zipper replacement

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Prices are for LABOR ONLY, parts additional unless proof of warranty accompanies regulator. Manufacturers require you to have your regulator annually serviced in order to maintain warranty coverage. Warranty is to the original owner and must be maintained to receive Warranty parts. Shipping and handling charges apply if you are sending us equipment to service and require return shipping.